Projected Final 2010 Rankings

The BCS championship game is nearly upon us. With its conclusion we’ll have the final rankings for this season and countless speculation as to the preseason rankings for next season. We’ll collect and compile them as usual, but I figured I would try my hand at something new at the end of this season: predict the final rankings before they come out.

Now this isn’t exactly hard to do. We see the current rankings and account for bowl wins and losses and what not. But if I were an AP Voter and I saw the most recent poll and all these bowl games, here is what my top 25 would look like after Oregon beats Auburn 45-31:

1. Oregon
2. TCU
3. Stanford
4. Auburn
5. Ohio State
6. Oklahoma
7. Boise State
8. LSU
9. Wisconsin
10. Alabama
11. Nevada
12. Arkansas
13. Oklahoma State
14. Michigan State
15. Virginia Tech
16. Mississippi State
17. Florida State
18. Missouri
19. Nebraska
20. UCF
21. Texas A&M
22. Tulsa
23. Maryland
24. South Carolina
25. Utah

You saw it here first.