A Look at the Top Recruiting Classes of 2010

Signing day is over, so there is nothing left to talk about with college football now for 6 months except speculate about preseason rankings and complain about the BCS. So how did recruiting go? We already saw how BYU did, probably the biggest surprise in this recruiting season. But Florida and Texas top the charts once again. These two always seem to recruit well, but this was an exception year for both. They got nearly a dozen five star recruits between the two of them. Not far behind were Oklahoma, Alabama and Auburn as well. USC got great talent, but not a lot in terms of quantity.

So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise how things shook out. BYU was the highest rated non BCS school at 22 in recruiting. TCU and Boise State did well too. But the big boys flexed their muscles like they always do and picked up most of the top prospects. But the biggest stunned was the commitment of David Sills to USC. This kid is 13 and lives in Delaware. Yet he is being touted as the Tiger Woods or Lebron James of football. He is a kid phenom with a great head for the game. And he always dreamed of playing college football at USC. So I guess it isn’t too early to start on the recruiting trail for Lane Kiffin.

Of course, we make a big deal about recruiting each year solely because there is nothing else to talk about in February as far as college football goes. Notre Dame has top recruiting classes every year under Charlie Weiss, yet a lot of good that ever did them. So don’t look too much into any of these rankings. These kids are still freshmen and most won’t play for a year or two.