Biggest College Football Recruiting Surprise- BYU

If you’re into BYU football recruiting then you have been pleasantly surprised this recruiting season. With 1 five star recruit, the top QB in the country, 5 four star recruits and 16 three star recruits, puts BYU at number 14 in the country for recruiting classes. Why is that important? Because that puts them ahead of USC, Miami (FL), Notre Dame, Ohio State and Clemson.

Meanwhile the top of the pecking order remains the same. Florida has quite possibly one of the best recruiting classes ever assembled. But then again, Notre Dame did some good recruiting with Charlie Weiss and look where that got them…

Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and Auburn make up the rest of the top 5. But there are still a handful of top recruits who are undecided, meaning the rankings can certainly change at any time. But at least for now, BYU is looking like a recruiting power to be dealt with. Jake Heaps, the 5 star recruit touted as the best QB in the country, already said he plans to bypass his LDS mission in order to pursue football.

Some of those 4 star recruits are defensive players too, so maybe BYU will give TCU a run for its money this season or next. Either way, based on how things are going, you’ve got to figure that BYU is the favorite to be the next BCS buster new to the party. You can count on Boise State and TCU getting there again I’m sure, but as for new comers, I think its clear who the next one will be.

Bad news for BYU and everyone else though- the SEC has 5 of the top 10 recruiting classes right now. For a conference that has already won 4 BCS championships in a row, it is looking more and more like number five is just a season away.