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Cool Charts Of 2013 Away Games

Everyone in college football plays at least 5 games a season away from home, whether they be neutral site or at an opponent’s home field. Fervent Fandom put together some pretty cool charts to illustrate who traveled the most this past season.

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2014 College Football Preseason Rankings

Ever year at the College Football Cafeteria we comb the Internet for all the speculation about the preseason rankings for the upcoming season. We have found quite a bit for the 2014 preseason rankings. We have added them all up the same way the AP poll uses the ballots of voters to create their rankings. With that in mind, we have a very good idea as to what the 2014 college football preseason rankings will look like when they are released in August.

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A Final Analysis Of The 2013 Season

What a finish, right? Finally a BCS championship that isn’t a blowout. That’s refreshing. It capped an exciting season with some big surprises, big plays, big letdowns and big news. Let’s take a look at the ending of this great season of college football.

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The Next Coach Of The Texas Longhorns

Mack Brown stepped down (finally) last week, or announced he would resign after Texas gets destroyed in its bowl game against Oregon. He was 30-20 in the last four seasons, so everyone knew it was time for a change, including Brown. He’s a good coach though and a class act, so if he wants to continue coaching, he would no doubt land just about anywhere he wants. My guess is any head coaching job after Texas is just going to be a step down, so I would expect him to either become involved in another way for the Texas athletic department or join the broadcasting profession with ESPN or the Longhorn Network. But no one really cares what Mack Brown does anymore. People care about who will replace him. Let’s look at the likely candidates.

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How The College Football Playoff Committee Should Operate

Any fan of college football knows the BCS is ending after this season, and good riddance. What many don’t know is how the playoff committee is going to operate next season. And guess what? They don’t know yet either. There are literally no rules or criteria for this committee to follow yet. So I took it upon myself to make it easy on them. Here’s how the playoff should work.

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It’s Bowling Time!

The regular season (that matters, Army-Navy never impacts anything) is all wrapped up. As I foretold last week, Florida State cruised and Ohio State fell. Auburn won the SEC and the right to get clobbered by Florida State. So how will things play out here in the end? Let me tell you before they happen.

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