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Monday’s Sloppy Seconds

Well that was quite a weekend in college football. Apparently the experts don’t really know who the best teams are. And they appear to have short term memory loss as Alabama is ranked ahead of Ole Miss in literally every poll on earth. My how quickly they forget.

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Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds

Well this weekend sure surprised a lot of people. Most of the drama surrounded the Pac-12, understandably, but there were other interesting developments around the country that should catch some attention.

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Sloppy Seconds Are Back

I have waited just a little while to start up Sloppy Seconds only because the start of the season gives us so little to analyze. Now that three weeks have past, I feel a lot more confident talking about college football and telling you what’s really going on instead of repeating the same talking points ESPN goes with all week.

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Predictions For The 2015 Season

College football season is right around the corner. Before any official rankings (ie: expectations) are released, I’m going to chime in with some predictions for the 2015 season. Remember, you read them here first folks. If I’m right that is. If I’m wrong then you won’t remember this post anyway.

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It’s Time For College Football To Eliminate Divisions

There is an interesting article on ESPN today about divisions in college football. Worth a read. I personally hate divisions and love that someone else has spoken on the issue. If the proposed NCAA legislation for de-regulating conference championships goes through, we may see divisions go away and schedules change dramatically.

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Evaluating The First College Football Playoff

Well, it’s the worst time of year again, that point where we have to wait the longest time until more college football. But that’s ok, we can still talk about this past season and the upcoming season to keep us buys. Speaking of last season, let’s take a look at how the first ever playoff went and what could be better.

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