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Sunday’s Sloppy Seconds…On Monday

Ok, ok, I’m late, so sue me. This was a weird weekend, what with Sunday and Monday games. But I’m getting to my sloppy seconds now, so fear not.

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Bones’s Handy College Football Glossary

Hey, all! After a long absence from blogging due to unwanted interference from something called “responsibility,” I figured I’d ease back in by writing a guide for new fans who are looking to understand some of the ins and outs of the game. The inspiration for this comes from a genuinely funny Grantland article, which you should read because it’s way better than this one.

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Predictions For Final 2014 Standings

Ok, so you may have already checked out my 2014 bowl predictions but now I’ve decided to just go ahead and predict the entire outcome of the entire season. No biggie.

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Bold 2014 Season Predictions

The 2014 college football season is nearly here. This will be the inaugural season of the College Football Playoff (can I get an Amen!?) This is going to be exciting and I can’t wait. As I’ve been thinking about the season, I figured two things were in order. First, a simple explanation of how this season will work. Then of course, my bold, never-come-to-pass predictions.

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Cool Charts Of 2013 Away Games

Everyone in college football plays at least 5 games a season away from home, whether they be neutral site or at an opponent’s home field. Fervent Fandom put together some pretty cool charts to illustrate who traveled the most this past season.

Click here to view their college football away game charts

2014 College Football Preseason Rankings

UPDATE: The Coaches Poll has been released:

1. Florida State (56)
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma (3)
4. Oregon (1)
5. Auburn
6. Ohio State (1)
8. Michigan State
9. South Carolina (1)
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Georgia
13. LSU
14. Wisconsin
15. USC
16. Clemson
17. Notre Dame
18. Arizona State
19. Ole Miss
20. Texas A&M
21. Kansas State
22. Nebraska
23. North Carolina
24. Texas
25. Washington

To say we were a bit off this year would be an understatement. Missouri, UCF, Oklahoma State and Louisville didn’t end up in the top 25 at all. Texas, Nebraska, North Carolina and Kansas State did end up in the top 25. Stanford was much worse than anticipated. Oklahoma was much better than anticipated. Everyone else we had within a spot or two. Fortunately this is the coaches poll, infamously terrible, so we’ll wait and see the AP poll.

Ever year at the College Football Cafeteria we comb the Internet for all the speculation about the preseason rankings for the upcoming season. We have found quite a bit for the 2014 preseason rankings. We have added them all up the same way the AP poll uses the ballots of voters to create their rankings. With that in mind, we have a very good idea as to what the 2014 college football preseason rankings will look like when they are released in August.

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