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Thoughts on the 2017 season

Alabama has won (again) and the college football season has officially ended. It wouldn’t be college football without a little controversy of course, and 2017 had its fair share. We saw some pretty great games (Rose Bowl and national championship come to mind) and a few surprise story lines (Notre Dame anyone?) But the 2017 season will boil down to one thing for me: Mercer.

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Our 8 Team Playoff Proposal

The final playoff rankings for 2017 are almost upon us. And as usual, someone will be left on the outside looking in who had a legitimate case to be in the playoff. Look, it’s been a good start. But the shortcomings have been observed already, so let’s get to fixing this thing.

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How The Committee Screwed Up Big Time

The season is over. Bowl matchups are in. And they suck. Here’s the thing. The choices made by the committee don’t make any sense.

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Playoff Predictions

I know we’re close to the end, but this is the home stretch. How do I think the playoff will shape out? Here’s how.

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The Beginning Of The End For The Big 12

Well the Big 12 has finally made a (wrong) decision on expansion. Yesterday they decided to stay put and not add any new members to the conference. Ultimately this came down to money. ESPN and Fox, TV partners for the conference, were on the hook to pay $25 million annually per new member. They didn’t want that. So they paid off the conference to not add anyone.

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What Is Going On With Expansion?

Well it seems crazy to be saying this, but it looks as if the Big 12 might not be expanding after all. Some will say this makes them look like fools. And it does. But I think you have to look at the bigger picture here and realize the Big 12 as a power conference is done. And conference members are beginning to see that.

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